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This fabulous farmhouse simply needed a paint job to get it ready for a new generation!
This house was started years ago by a father for his daughter.  Sadly, he passed away before he finished it.  I was honored to be allowed ... more info
**Not for sale** This house was completely disassembled when it arrived in the shop.  In addition, it had also suffered by being water logged ... more info
This dollhouse was built to resemble the family's plantation home in Mississippi.  It was missing siding, shingles, the front door, molding, ... more info
This little guy was originally put together and given as a Christmas present from a husband to a wife.  She recently decided to have it ... more info
This house was in pretty good shape but was missing a few structural pieces that needed to be created.

Call for Price

This Goffstown (kit by Earth and Tree) was made for an out-of-state client. 
This beautiful house needed a new coat of paint, the dormers needed to be reattached, one of the windows needed new mullions, the door was missing, ... more info
This little cutie was restored to be used for a 50th high school class reunion.  The school colors of red, purple and gold figure prominently in ... more info