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This house was originally built during the Great Depression out of a GE refrigerator crate.
Diane had this house redone for a grandhild.
This is a rather popular older kit.  No longer sold but many people still have them in their attics and garages.
***NOT FOR SALE - This house was refurbished for its owner*** This house needed quite a bit of work!  Lots of damage to the outside and a plain ... more info
This pretty Victorian was shipped from California to Virginia and suffered some damage in the process.  I fixed all the broken pieces, finished ... more info
This pretty house came into the shop completely unpainted and undecorated.  I repaired the roof, painted the exterior and the interior ceilings, ... more info
Conservatories can be rooms as well as working members of your dollhouse garden
This magnificent house was built in England and brought over here by the family many years ago.  The owner simply wanted me to get all the ... more info
Magic Brick walls, crushed stone pathways