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This house needed a bit of regluing, I custom made a new apex molding for one that was missing, new red oak floors were laid along with new wallpaper ... more info
This beautiful little dress shop was created from a Real Good Toys shop kit for a customer who wanted something unique for her mantle.  The ... more info
This was a project I was working on for myself but ended up selling before it was finished
This little Bliss dollhouse is owned by the same family who had me restore the 1932 House. I removed the original wiring, fixed a couple of small ... more info

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This house didn't need very much.  The owner had already painted the interior and exterior and finished the roof.  All he needed me to ... more info
This house needed new windows and an interior redo

Call for Price

Inlay floor, wainscot, what's not to love?
Comfortable men's study
This beautiful home had collapsed in its owner car on the way to my shop.  I decided to completely disassemble and then reassemble it.  I ... more info
This house had quite a bit done to it.  From an addition, custom front porch, wiring, paint, and a complete interior redo.